4 BIG IDEAs to Scale Up your Business

Mr. Mohammad Nassar, the Co-founder & Director (E2E Excite Marketing & Training Services, India & Middle East) keynote speaker at ‘The Talk’-Scale up Summit of SMEs & Startups (26th August 2016 at The Westin, Hyderabad) spoke about Entrepreneurship & Vision Building. He presented to the audience “4 Big Ideas to scale up”.

This is what he had to say:

“Scaling up is a scary word to many of the business owners. Every person would always aspire to grow, be it a business tycoon, serial entrepreneur, corporate professional or even a start-up. But growth comes at a cost, the cost of planning, the cost of creating a road map and cost of toiling to make it happen”.

He also shared the secret formula of making the vision of a company happen in spite of challenges.

For every idea that he presented, he connected it with a story.

He said “Michael Hyatt, the leading success coach says that there are three reasons for not achieving what we want in life”. They are:

   –  Limiting belief

   –  Lack of clarity (Where to go, what to do, what kind of strategy to adopt

   –  Not utilizing the resources we have within and around us.

Setting a BIG vision in business and life requires so much of positivity and determination. In his life, he studied and interacted with variety of entrepreneurs in India and Middle East, who had started and built huge business empires with humility, guts and determination.

His 4 ideas revolved around the acronym ‘IDEA’.


He said that the ‘first lesson from the successful people is to have the wildest imagination of making the impossible possible’.

Every person has a vision, but the million-dollar question is “how to make the vision happen”?

We live in a world that surrounds us with so much of negativity. According to Chris Bailey the author of the book “Productivity Project”, 77% of what we think every day is negative. The key to be happy is to have positive belief.

He also said ‘Let your imagination flow; make an impact with your big hairy audacious goal’.


“Drive of the individual makes or breaks the vision; one way of defining the business is “calculated risks”. In the journey of making our vision happen, one needs to go through ups and downs and face the challenges head on. In this roller coaster ride, the drive within us keeps us pushing forward and it propels us to growth in spite of obstacles”.


According to Harvard university research only 3% of people achieve what they really want to achieve in life and work. Mr. Nassar said “converting vision to action requires extraordinary focus, pig headed discipline and tenacity, followed by the best-laid plan”.

He went on to mention that the executional plan is very critical for business growth. The book “Strategy that works” by Paul Leinwand and Cesare Mainardi, explains the gap between strategy and execution.

According to them, strategy is about planning, and execution is about capability building. To get closer to actionable results, creating a road map and building capabilities is a must.


When he spoke about the final idea ‘Align’, he said ‘building a large organization requires extraordinary talents and competencies. The human capital, which is the scarcest resources today, needs to be handled and managed properly’.

For a company to be successful, it is important for them to answer these questions:

What drives their performance and how to find a compelling reason for them to perform and achieve success? Does that align with the vision of the organization?

He concluded by saying that this aligning process of communicating the vision of the founder / leader is very vital to scale to extraordinary heights.

Let’s implement the IDEA to scale up our businesses. ”

– Mohammed Nassar (Director, Excite Consulting)





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